Otak Otak with Eggs

– 1 Piece Rasa Sayang Otak Otak
– 3-4 Eggs
– Oil

Step 1: Defrost 1 Piece Rasa Sayang Otak Otak
Step 2: Steam Rasa Sayang Otak Otak for about 10 minutes over medium fire
Step 3: Mash up steamed Rasa Sayang Otak Otak into small pieces
Step 4: Beat the eggs lightly and mix with Rasa Sayang Otak Otak in Step 3
Step 5: Oil the pan and pour in the mixture to fry till golden brown
Step 6: Enjoy the Rasa Sayang Otak Otak with Eggs

Otak Otak Fried Rice

– 1 Piece Rasa Sayang Otak Otak
– 3-4 Eggs
– 4 cloves of garlic
– 1 inch of lemongrass
– 3 tbspoon soy sauce
– 2 bowls of white rice

Step 1:  Steam the raw otak otak.
Step 2:  Fry 4 cloves of garlic (pounded) and an inch of lemongrass (pounded) with diced onion till fragrant. (add chopped chilli if extra spice is preferred)
Step 3:  Add the steamed Otak Otak and fry together
Step 4:  Add 3 tbspoon soy sauce
Step 5:  Add 2 bowls of white rice aand stir fry for 2 minute
Step 6:  Enjoy the flavourful fried rice topped with chinese parsley

Something new for the Xmas party = Otak Otak pie

– 1 pc Rasa Sayang otak otak
– 2 eggs (beaten)
– 2 pkts instant mashed potato (mix according to the directions on the box/packet)
– 1 cup crushed biscuit
– pepper (according to preference)
– chopped spring onion
– parsley

Step 1:  Grease a pie dish. Set aside.
Step 2:  Defrost otak otak and steam for 10 minutes. Mash it to bits.
Step 3:  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
Step 4:  Pour onto the pie dish.
Step 5:  Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees celsius for 20 minutes or when browned
Step 6:  Mix our Roselle cordial with ice and the party is ready to start

A light refreshment for the potluck

Combination 1
– 1 part Rasa Sayang Lime Cordial
– 4 part cold drinking water

Ingredients 2
– Aiyu /jelly
– Aloe Vera bits
– Sour plum bits

Mix the cordial Combination 1 and add Ingredients 2 on top. Sprinkle the sour plum bits on top and a refreshing dessert is ready.